Does My Landlord Have To Test For Mold?


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How Bad Is Mold Affecting You?

Landlords have a responsibility to provide you with a safe and habitable home or office. Your landlord does not have to have any testing completed on the property in order to do this and is not required by any laws to have testing completed.

In most cases landlords are quick to react and solve the mold problem. If they do not take care of the mold, it will further damage their property, open them up to losing a tenant, and/or even be sued by their tenant for health problems. If the landlord does not take care of the problem, it is the in tenant’s best interest to find a new place if possible. Battling over mold in court is long, expensive, and has no guaranteed results.

If you have a home or office that you are renting and there is a musty smell but you do not know the cause or source, you can hire a mold inspector to see if it is safe to occupy. The cost can range from $250­$1,000 depending on your area and how many samples you need.

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