Final Detailed Cleaning Before Removing a Mold Containment


Photo by Midland Restoration

Before removing the containment after the demolition process, the area requires a HEPA Sandwich. This requires that all areas in the containment get a HEPA vacuum pass, microbial wipe, and another HEPA vacuum pass. This is completed in all areas of the containment including any floors and ceilings. The work site should be so clean you cannot find a spec of dust anywhere.

Complete final detailed cleaning to pass a mold test or prior to removal of containment if not test required. Double check and make sure no bad air from hidden cavities are entering into the work area. If there are any exposed cavities, be sure to tape them off so this air does not affect the containment-controlled environment.
Pro Tip: Put plastic over surfaces that are not affected prior to the demo, it is easier to wipe down and keep clean during the remediation process.


Change out filters to all equipment prior to post testing. The HEPA air scrubbers and dehumdifiers should have filters replaced with new ones. These prefilters are easily changed out by releasing the quick-release tabs on the equipment.

Setup and monitor mold equipment daily to make sure it is all working correctly and your power source hasn’t tripped. Make sure the moist areas are drying by checking them with a moisture meter and document the progress.

Pro Tip: Make sure the equipment is pushing the air in the same direction creating a circular flow of air to accelerate drying. If any location does not have air movement, either add more air movers or adjust what is available.

Pro Tip: Use non-expanding foam to seal off inside framing corners and any gaps within the wall.

When completing the mold removal and final cleaning, there are some very important Mold Removal Do Nots

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