How To Demolish and Remove the Mold Affected Materials


Photo by Fresh Maintanence
Remove mold contaminated items Using the demolition tools. First cut around the outline of all material to be removed. Using a ketch saw or plunge cutter hooked up to the HEPA vacuum, score the material to removed into smaller manageable pieces. Then using the hammer and crowbar remove the affected drywall, cabinets, and or finish carpentry.

Scrub mold off framing using a wire scrub brush and or sander sander hooked up to your HEPA vacuum. Remove all visible mold or if studs are severely contaminated, the studs completely. Install temporary structural support when removing framing. A structural engineer should be involved in planning for the temporary structural framing.

Pro Tips: Do not use any powered blades that go deeper than the thickness of the drywall so you do not end up cutting shear wall, plumbing, HVAC, and or electrical. Treat all surfaces liberally even if you do not see mold on the surface. Mold does not typically become visible to the naked eye for 15¬18 days on affected surfaces.

Once the mold contaminated material is demolished, it will need to be properly disposed of.

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