How To Enter and Exit a Mold Containment Properly


What Mistakes Have You Witnessed For Egress With Mold Decontamination Chambers?

Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, should be worn at all times when in a mold containment. PPE includes the mold suit, mold mask, and gloves.  The decontamination chamber, also known as the decon chamber, is used for putting on the mold removal suit on over your ordinary clothing. Next put on the surgical gloves. Tape the seam between the gloves and the suit with duct tape so there is no airflow from outside the suit. Next put on your mold mask with new filters. Pull the hood over your head of the suit over your head.  Now you are ready to enter the mold containment.

Before leaving the mold containment, technicians should dust off the PPE and HEPA vacuum the suit before entering the decontamination chamber. All tools should also be cleaned off and wiped down before leaving the containment. PPE should never be worn outside of the contaminated area but removed inside of the decontamination chamber.

While in the suit, technicians should take breaks at least every 2.5 hours or as much as needed to stay hydrated and not overheat.  In order to take a break, technicians should take off the suit in the decontamination chamber, and get fresh unfiltered air, not from a mask, and water. Everyone working in such an environment must be cleared with a medical evaluation and be cleared by OSHA approved testing.

Pro Tips: If you get a tear in the suit, use duct tape to patch and continue working. Wear rubber boots over the mold suit, instead of the suit over work boots. This will keep the feet of the mold suit from wearing out. Wear coveralls over the mold suit when dealing with crawl spaces and areas where the chemical or Tyvek suits get torn easily.

Once in the containment, it is time to Set Up Mold Remediation Equipment.


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