How to Map Out and Plan for Mold Removal


Photo by Amy
The mold and moisture affected areas will need to be marked on all walls, ceilings, and floors by a certified inspector or mold remediation contractor using painters tape.  All items that are to be removed and thrown away during the mold removal process should also be marked.  After the mold and moisture has been mapped out, the inspector will mark the removal of the affected material to stop 4’ beyond the contaminated area.  This is done to make sure all mold is removed.

Pro Tip: Mark items to not be removed in a tape of a different color with a large label “DO NOT
REMOVE” so it is clear what is being removed and what is staying. Cover all sratchable and
breakable items with moving blankets and then cover with 6 mil plastic to keep them from
getting destroyed or contaminated. Items like countertops, wainscoting, and other large items
are great to do this with.

Once the area is mapped out, Removal of Contaminated Clothing and Furniture is next.

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