How To Prevent Mold In A Bathroom


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What Color Is The Mold In Your Bathroom?

In order to prevent mold growth in a bathroom, moisture and the mold’s food source need to be eliminated. Moisture can be caused by bathing, splashing, leaks, and leaving wet towels on the floor. Porous organic items most commonly found to be a food source for mold in the bathroom are dust, grime, drywall, mdf or wood baseboards and trim, fabric shower curtains, towels on the floor, rugs or carpet, and wood within the walls.

In order to control the moisture in a humid bathroom there are some great solutions. Install a 110 CFM plus ceiling fan that is turned on automatically by a motion sensor and vented to the outside. An electrician should be able to install this for you but you may also need a HVAC contractor to install the venting. Install tile or linoleum floors and tile or rubber baseboards to keep the moisture from getting into and behind baseboard. When moisture gets behind the baseboard mold starts to eat away at the drywall and framing. Clean and mop up spills immediately. Maintain all caulking and replace old caulking with a 60 year minimum silicon product. Paint all surfaces with quality high gloss paint.

Once all of the upgrades have been completed, the bathroom must be kept clean, free of grime, dust, and no towels or wet laundry left on the floor. With the upgrades mentioned here, your bathroom will now be more dry and have little to no food for the microbial to eat, therefore limiting molds opportunity grow in your bathroom

PRO TIP: For high traffic bathrooms, installing a floor drain is a great way to make sure the bathroom does note get flooded.



    • Here are some quick ideas: Check in your sink bowl, sometimes the smell is coming from mold growing in the overflow drain area. Check for seashells from the beach, had a customer who had a dried out seastar get wet and it made the whole house smell. Check in corners and behind areas, we have found moldy socks, towels, etc. hiding and smelling up bathrooms. Check behind the baseboard, in bathrooms with wood baseboards, mold grows pretty good here.

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