How To Prevent Mold


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Where Is Mold Invading Your Property?

In order to prevent mold growth you must eliminate the things mold needs to grow. In order to thrive, mold requires a mold spore, darkness, moisture, and food. The easiest of these items to control is moisture and the food source.

If your property is affected by mold, you may have a moisture problem.  You will have to install or repair proper waterproofing, flashing, ventilation, and plumbing. All plumbing leaks should be repaired immediately.  Other moisture problems caused by occupants will need to be taken care of.  Occupants must not place wet laundry on the floor, track in mud or water, and/or cause excessive humidity from cooking without the exhaust fan or long showers.

Mold is abundant in bathrooms, kitchens, or within homes located in humid climate zones. Rooms or homes that have high humidity should have their walls primed with an antimicrobial shellac and then painted with a semi- to high-gloss paint. This will help deter the drywall from becoming a food source.

Pro Tip: If drywall has been removed due to a mold problem, treat the exposed framing with antimicrobial paint before covering it back up with drywall.

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