How to Properly Dispose of Mold


What Do You Want To Get Rid Of?

When removing mold-contaminated items, 3-6 mil trash bags should be used. Once the debris is in the bag, twist the top of the bag, bend over the twisted area and wrap the “goose neck” with duct tape. This is called “goose necking” the trash bag.

Larger items can be covered in 6 mil plastic and then removed from the structure.  Once the bags have been goose necked, and or the contents have been covered and taped off, they can be thrown away in any outdoor trash receptacle or landfill. No special landfill is required for mold-contaminated items.

Pro Tip: If doing a mold remediation within a containment, make a pile of dirty trash bags near the decontamination chamber within the containment. Then with one technician inside of the chamber still in their suit, and one inside the containment, hand over the clean trash bags. Then move them to a safe trash receptacle.

After the trash has all been removed from the containment, the next step is the Final Detailed Cleaning Before Removing a Mold Containment.

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