How to Throw Away Moldy Clothes and Furniture


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How Have Your Contents Been Damaged by Mold?

Before starting mold removal or building a mold containment, all movable items should be inspected and removed from the contaminated area. Items that are affected by mold should be documented and thrown away with the owner’s permission. If the item to be removed is severely contaminated, leave it alone until the containment is built around it. It can then be disassembled and bagged up while inside of the containment. This will keep the mold spores from spreading through the home or office during the initial mold removal set up.

All items that are to be thrown away due to being infested or damaged by mold can be disposed in an exterior trash bin. There are no special disposal requirements for throwing away moldy contents.

Items that can be cleaned and do not need to be discarded should be stored in an area with controlled clean air. The room where contents are stored should have a dehumidifier to dry out any excessive moisture and maintain a dry microclimate.  This can be accomplished by installing a dehumidifier in the room with the contents.

After the contents have been arranged it is time to Build The Mold Containment.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene November 2008

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