How to Set Up Mold Remediation Equipment


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What Pro Tips Do You Have For Setting Up Mold Remediation Equipment?

When setting up mold remediation equipment, the goal is to have the work site under negative air pressure, clean the air, and dry the structure. Negative Air Pressure should be installed by having an air scrubber blowing air outside of the containment.

Pro Tip: You can save on smaller jobs by having the air scrubber right up against the containment wall and taping For a smaller mold removal project with a containment 8’x8’x8’ you will have one small dehumidifier and one air scrubber. Depending on the size of the containment and the power rating of your HEPA filtration device, the job may require more or less.

Pro Tip: During the remediation process, have a HEPA air scrubber outside of the containment to clean the air inside of the home or office as an added precaution.

Once the equipment is in place it is time to Demolish and Remove the Mold Affected Materials

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene November 2008

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