OSHA Regulations for Mold Remediation


Is Your Contractor Following These Regulations?

When managing a mold removal process, safety and compliance is very important.  Some specific OSHA standards should be followed during the mold remediation. Personal protective clothing must be worn at all times in the contaminated area. This includes a full mold suit that covers the feet and head (Personal Protective Equipment 1910.132). Full face and eye respiratory protection must be in place, fitted correctly, and only worn by individuals with proper OSHA medical clearance (Respiratory Protection 1910.134). Confined spaces such as attics, and crawl spaces, should have safety measures and evacuation plans in place (Confined Space Entry 1910.146). Equipment should be powered up correctly to the proper power source (Lockout/Tag out 1910.147 and Electrical 1910.303)

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