Preferred Mold Vendor Programs


How Did You Get Your Mold Removal Contractor?

Many times an insurance provider will threaten or force their customer to go with their “preferred vendor”. This is illegal. Per Section 2695.9 of the California Code,
“…No insurer shall suggest or recommend that the insured have the property repaired by a specific individual or entity…”. Do not be scared into being forced to use the lesser qualified “preferred” vendor from the insurance company. Many times these vendors are not up to date on their licensing, certifications, and training. More importantly these “preferred” vendors are discounting their remediation services to the insurance company. What happens is the vendor is then encouraged to cut corners, costs, and effort while drying out and repairing your property due to the moisture and mold problems. The insurance company loves this because they save money and sold you on paying 100% of your premium and deductible but then are turning around and only providing you with 80% of the quality and work you expected to get in return. This is a scam and do not be scared into using the “preferred” vendor.


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