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What Areas In Your Home Would You Test?

Mold testing is a process where a certified mold inspector collects samples taken from the site to determine if the microbial in the air is at acceptable levels.  The inspector will look for moisture and take air samples and swab samples in the questionable areas of the home or office. The inspector will also take an outside air sample to acquire a baseline for the property’s air quality. The samples will then be taken to a laboratory where they will be analyzed.

It usually takes 24-48 hours for the results to be processed and back from the laboratory. Some companies offer premiums for faster results in as little as four hours.

The mold report is generally a PASS if the air quality or mold spore count inside the home or office is around the same as the air quality outside of the property. If there are many more spores inside of the structure than outside, then the report will be a FAIL and the mold inspector should have directions on how to fix the moisture and mold problems.

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